Fragrance Refill - LIR114A
Fragrance Refill - LIR114A
Product Description

Royal Luxury scent

The elegant room fragrances of the Staroma classic line exude the spirit of natural essence classic perfume tones. The elegant design of the premium quality glass bottles will blend in with any style or setting. Whether spicy and refreshing, sensuous and beguiling or simple and light-hearted - discover your own fragrant rooms with Staroma.


Pu’er Tea / Poire & Fressia / Spicy Ginger

200ml / 7 fl oz

Product Introduction

The Natural Fragrance Oil

Deluxe premium of natural fragrance oil combination.


■ Pu’er Tea
Head : Spice/ Leafy Green
Heart : Jasmine/ Rosewood
Base : Musk/ Patchouli/ Sandalwood/ Amber

■ Poire & Fressia
Head : Bergamot/ Pear
Heart : Jasmine/ Rose/ Freesia/ Ylang-Ylang

■ Spicy Ginger
Head : Citrus/ Lemon/ Orange
Heart : Ylang-Ylang/ Rosewood/ Jasmine
Base : Cedarwood/ Cinnamon/ Musk