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As an expert in the fragrance industry, Aromate services many major global fragrance/air care brands with the customization and private label business. Aromate has many existing products that can easily be modified to become your next new product launch. Our in-house design team can assist in product and packaging design, and our fragrance lab can offer a wide range of scent selections and performances to suit your market's taste and safety regulations. Below are areas we cover when doing private label OEM business. 

Design & Legal Considerations

We assist and advise our customers to ensure their customized designs will not encounter legal issues in the marketplace. To protect our own IP interests and our customers worldwide, Aromate invests heavily in patents and trademarks, and advocates respect for its intellectual property rights




Safety and Qualiy Matter!

Aromate uses only quality assured fragrances acquired from legitimate suppliers worldwide (Japan, France, the UK, and the USA). Each of our high-grade, concentrated fragrances and perfumes is accompanied by its own Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Each scent's MSDS is available upon request.





State-of-the-Art Factory and Automated Production Processes!

All Aromate projects from concept development and testing to manufacturing are handled in our factory and headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. We are strategically linked to a global supply chain for subcomponents sourcing to maximize cost efficiency vs. quality. Aromate incorporates the latest automation machines at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest output with the most consistent quality and value.



We Know Fragrance Technology!

Aromate is an expert in various fragrance technologies used in the wide range of air fresheners it produces. From membrane systems to scented plastics, and wick systems to gels, our dedicated RD team, product team, and production engineers aim to ensure quality, safety, and reliability in all the air fresheners we produce for our customers.


Building a Long-Term Partnership with You!

Please contact our sales team for further information on Aromate's private label and customization business. Our sales are eager to assist and provide knowledgeable information to ensure your private label interest is developed to its fullest potential.