image5793285  Introducing High-Performance Membrane (HPMV)

  • Higher Compatibility – Compatible with fragrances of various molecular sizes.
  • High Porosity – Higher penetration rate and stronger fragrance release.
  • Ductility – No leak. No breaks. Durable.
  • Safe & Stable – Stable performance under high pressure and extreme thermal conditions. 

image5793285  Introducing RPC 25, Aromate's bioplastics solution. 

In response to our customer’s request and global circular economy and carbon reduction trend, Aromate took advantage of local agroforestry wastes and started bioplastic masterbatch research. Aromate explored plant fiber, including sugar cane, coffee ground and tea leaf residue. The goal is to reduce plastic usage by 10%.

Introducing RPC 25, Aromate's bioplastics solution. 

Through countless experiments, we discover the perfect ratio for the ideal ratio of coffee grounds to PP and the variables for injection molding. The plant fiber is obtained from used coffee grounds, then processed to form a durable casting.


RPC25 contains 30% plant fiber (from used coffee grounds) by weight. According to the ICT (International Coffee Organization),  over 6 million tons of coffee grounds are produced worldwide annually. Only some of them are composted to substitute out the petroleum-based non-renewable feedstock.


RPC25 is certified with 30% biobased carbon content by German certifier DIN CERTCO.


DIN CERTCO has more than 2 decades of experience administering compostability certification for groups such as EU Bioplastics Association and Australasia Bioplastics, as well as its own certifications

DIN CERTO certified
image5793285 About AROMATE

Aromate Industries Co., Ltd. (Aromate) is a leading manufacturer of innovative air fresheners and home fragrance products since 1996. Aromate's headquarter and modernized production facility are in Taipei, Taiwan. A company with strong insistence on quality, technology innovation, international resource integration, and strong sales and marketing support, Aromate can be your trusted air care provider and partner.