In 2024, fragrance trends pivot on the axis of fusion, venturing outward into nature, daring to
challenge norms, and crafting a journey of fantasy. Internally, the focus is on seeking balance,
sources of healing, and the warmth of childhood innocence. This blend incorporates various
elements —lush greenery, marine influences, warmth, and serenity—creating a harmonious yet
enchanting olfactory experience.

Unleashing a natural aura of freedom akin to the untamed wilderness, Untamed Green boldly
challenges traditions. Infused with the fresh scents of grass and wood, it transports you to open
landscapes, brimming with vitality and youth. This wild freshness symbolizes a pursuit of freedom
and the embodiment of courageous exploration.


Drawing inspiration from water, Blue Space offers a profound journey of emotional healing. With
its rich marine atmosphere, reminiscent of immersing in the deep blue sea, this fragrance not only
delivers the freshness of water but also radiates tranquility and peaceful energy, providing moments
of serene contemplation for the soul.


Through the warmth of milky notes, Milky Warm saturates the depths of the soul with a comforting
embrace. Evoking memories of childhood, it brings forth a sense of purity and tenderness. This
fragrance is not just an olfactory delight; it's a soothing balm for the spirit, creating a sense of
peaceful homecoming.


Breaking free from conventions, Colorful Magic incorporates multi-layered, mesmerizing, and
sparkling elements. From vibrant to deep, it weaves an enchanting fragrance palette. Imagine the
hypnotic pear, delicate and refreshing; aristocratic geranium, clean and luxurious; smoldering
smokiness, warm and spicy. Each fragrance integrates the richness of color into its essence, crafting
a stunning multisensory indulgence.


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