Fresh & Cool

Black Star

Try a new fresh, clean scent that will refresh your sense with a Night, Sexy and Cool feeling.

Blue Moon

See the reflected blue moon in the ocean, and enjoy the cool, relax and crisp breeze.

Blue Sky

The ultra-fresh scent invites you to walk in the clouds; watch the world with a clear mind.

Cool Cologne

A refreshing and popular men's favorite scent with a touch of Lady attractive aroma.

Cotton Fresh

Feel the fresh aroma combination of light and clean cotton fragrance.

Fresh Linen

Try the comfortable, fresh and suitable fragrance with happy mood, begin a brand new day!

New Car

Fresh and clean scent; is made with a leathery touch to bring in a new car smell!

Sporty (King Car)

Cozy and masculine aroma is dedicated to the sportsman with winning spirit.

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Aromate Industries Co., Ltd. (Aromate) is an Asian-leading manufacturer of innovative automotive air fresheners and domestic fragrance products.
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