OEM/ODM Service Overview

AROMATE, Asian Leading OEM Air Freshener Manufacturer

Aromate Industries Co., Ltd. (Aromate) is an Asian leading OEM manufacturer of innovative car air fresheners and domestic fragrance products servicing customers worldwide. Founded in 1996, Aromate's headquarters and state-of-the-art production facilities are based in Taipei, Taiwan and have over 240 employees, and average 3 million pieces of air freshener output per month. Aromate is persistent dedicated to creating quality and innovative products along with sustainable sales and product development support. We at Aromate can be your trusted OEM air freshener provider and partner.

Why Choose Aromate? Aromate Quality Policy's Core

Professional Pride and Knowledge: We Know Fragrance Technology!

Aromate is an expert in various fragrance technologies used in the wide range of air freshener products it produces. Each unique fragrance formulation and manufacturing process takes years of development, testing, and improvement to achieve production and mass market stability. From membrane systems to scented plastics, and wick systems to gels, our dedicated RD team, product team, and production engineers aim to ensure quality, safety, and reliability in all the products we produce for our customers.

Product Innovation: Legal Considerations - Patent and Trademark

Aromate takes great pride in being original and innovative with all the designs and ideas behind our products. We also assist and advise our customer to ensure their customized designs will not encounter legal issues in the market place. To protect our own IP interests and our customers worldwide, Aromate invests heavily in patents and trademarks, advocates respect for its intellectual property rights, and products its customers.

Reliable OEM Development Service: Safety and Quality Matter!

To develop quality products for our customers, Aromate is governed by the ISO9001 quality assurance program, which controls the various stages of product development and production flow. Product quality and consumer safety are especially important to Aromate. So, to ensure our high-quality standards are maintained, international safety regulations (REACH, VOC, and CHIPS) are strictly followed, and many of our products are CE/EN71 certified. In addition, Aromate uses only quality assured fragrances acquired from legitimate suppliers worldwide (Japan, France, UK, and USA). Each of our high-grade, concentrated fragrances and perfumes is accompanied by its own Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Each scent's MSDS is available upon request.

Efficiency and Speed: State-of-the-Art Factory and Automated Production Processes

All Aromate projects from concept development and testing to manufacturing are handle in our factory and headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. We are strategically linked to various Chinese factories for subcomponents sourcing to maximize cost efficiency vs. quality. Aromate incorporates the latest automation machines at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest output speed with the most consistent quality and value.

Integrity: Looking to Build a Long-Term Partnership with You!

Quality products, strong sales and technology teams, and excellent customer service are the most essential qualities of a successful business. Aromate believes "integrity" is the first and most important factor in developing successful partnerships with our clients. Based on a service-oriented sales team and quality management system, Aromate has built many strong relationships with clients worldwide and has generated a good and reliable reputation in the industry.

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Aromate Industries Co., Ltd. (Aromate) is an Asian-leading manufacturer of innovative automotive air fresheners and domestic fragrance products.
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