Company Social Responsibility

Aromate has been dedicated to the R&D and manufacture of fragrances for close on two decades now. As a successful member of Taiwan society the company believes that all enterprises should be sociably responsible and create a win-win business climate that is of benefit both to society and in line with corporate growth.

Recent expansion of Aromate business has been accompanied by sound corporate social responsibility (CSR) and this is a very important aspect of our business operations. Some of our important achievements and activities include:

The assistance and care of psychiatric patients at the Tri-Service General Hospital Beitou Branch
Sponsorship of the City with Love Christmas Activity organized by the New Hope Social Welfare Foundation of New Taipei City
The company made donations and financed the Youth Baseball Team of the Taipei Municipal Xingfu Junior High School
We sponsored the “Warmth in Winter: Visits and Support for the Elderly Living Alone and for Underprivileged Families” organized by the New Taipei City Police Volunteer Service Association

We will continue our sponsorships and engage in new social projects and pursue company prosperity with sincere Corporate Social Responsibility.

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