Small, Yet Super Strong ! Check out the 3.3mL High-Performance Membrane air freshener with easy pull tab perfume activation technology. As strong scent as the leading brand lasts 45+ days!
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The World's 1st Eco-Vent Car Perfume 
made from paper stock with adjustable paper hook to easily fit and latch on any car vent. Patent pending designed high-performance membrane perfume last 90+ days! (2-pack) Wide selection of fragrances or essential oils. Don't miss this unique air freshener with very competitive cost.
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Universal Easy Hook design tested to latch on wide range of car vents as shown -

European Market Certified
Anti Bacterial Deodorizing Spray - 

completely dissolve odors and SGS proven to kill over 99.9% of germs within 30 minutes. It's the perfect solution for knocking out bad smells and germs at their microbial sources. 
4.5mL | 60mL | 220mL available to Keep your air fresh n' clean 24/7 in car, home, and on-the-go.
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+Anti Bac +Anti Mold +Anti Odor 
5mL Multi-Usage Hanging Fragrance -
Easy Peel and Refresh air while eliminating germs and molds in the surrounding area. SGS proven to kill over 99.9% of germs within 30 minutes. 

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Aromate 2021 Brand Catalog Is Available. 
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