Plush Air Freshener Collection ☺
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9 Styles x 6 Fragrances
Paris Garden
Citrus Breeze
Green Apple
Sweet Romance
After Rain
Pine Valley
Cheerfully Fresh 

Creating a cozy and cheerful atmosphere in your car. Having delightful interaction with small children, as well a pleasant scent !

Girl's Fun & Fresh 

Enjoy girls day out with fun and a pleasant scent ! 
All kinds of plush air freshener made from quality fragrance to
brighten up your day.

Turn The Long Way into
A "Fun" Trip
Plush Air Freshener in 9 Styles: 
TF0D1- Blue Rabbit              |   TF0D2- Gray Donkey     |   TF0D3- Yellow Duck 
TF0D4- Black & White Cow  |   TF0D5- Pink Pig             |   TF0D6- Pink Dice 
TF0D7- Brown Monkey         |   TF0D8- Hazel Monkey   |   TF0D9- Gray Monkey 
6 Quality Fragrances: 
Floral - Paris Garden                          |   Wooden Fresh - Pine Valley 
Fruity - Citrus Breeze, Green Apple   |   Cologne Type - After Rain,  Sweet Romance 

* MOQ 510pcs per sku (34pcs per CTN) 
* Limited quantity promotion ends without prior notice 
* Contact your sales representative or reply here for more details
Aromate Industries Co., Ltd. (Aromate) is an Asian leading manufacturer of innovative air fresheners and home fragrance products. Founded in 1996, Aromate set up the headquarters and modernized production facility in Taipei, Taiwan. With a strong insistence on quality product, ongoing technology innovation, experienced international source integration, and sustainable sales and marketing support, Aromate can be your trusted air freshener provider and partner. For more information, visit  Aromate website or mail to  [email protected]