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Fragrance Gel - 50g
 Compact Pack 

• Heat resistance gel that is perfect to put under car seat 
Quality perfume gel air freshener that effectively freshen up your car, home, or anywhere 

• Adjustable lid for easy fragrance control 
• Long lasting pleasant scent up to 30 days 

• Compact size of 50g per pack 

• 3 packs in a shrink wrap 
• Fresh n clean lemon fragrance 
• Other scents available upon request 
• This product is make-to-order production 

Fragrance Gel - 100g
  Large Capacity 

• 100g per pack 
• All of the best seller fragrances ready to go 
• Heat resistance gel that is perfect to put under car seat 
• Quality perfume gel air freshener for car, home, or anywhere

• Adjustable lid for easy fragrance control 
• Super long lasting up to 60 days 

Aromate Industries Co., Ltd. (Aromate) is an Asian leading manufacturer of innovative air fresheners and home fragrance products. Founded in 1996, Aromate set up the headquarters and modernized production facility in Taipei, Taiwan. With a strong insistence on quality product, ongoing technology innovation, experienced international source integration, and sustainable sales and marketing support, Aromate can be your trusted air freshener provider and partner. For more information, visit Aromate website or mail to  [email protected] 

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