About Aromate

Aromate Industries Co., Ltd. (Aromate) is an Asian-leading manufacturer of innovative car air fresheners and domestic fragrance products. Founded in 1996, Aromate’s headquarters and modernized production facilities are in Taiwan. With a persistent dedication to creating quality products, unceasing technology innovation, well-experienced in international source integration, and emphasis on sustainable sales and marketing support, Aromate can be your trusted natural air freshener provider and partner.

Certified Manufacturing Processes and Professional Sales Services

In order to be the only “Air Freshener Provider in Asia You Can Count On”, Aromate is unceasing in the upgrading of manufacturing and production processes. Supported by industrial design and R&D departments, Aromate is not only ISO 9001 certified but also a trend leader that provides the latest fragrance products for the natural air fresher market.

Innovation in Air Fresheners

Aromate’s slogan is “Innovation in Air Fresheners”. Aromate is ambitious to be not only a global car freshener manufacturer but also a reliable car air freshener technology company. “We know fragrances and aromas!” Aromate is earnest about competing with the elites in the fragrance industry, and pushing the growth of the natural air freshener market with you. Join us or be our partner. Please email us at inquiry@aromate.com!