Newsletter July 2021
Aromate's ESG Initiatives
In February, Aromate joined hand with E.Sun Bank and 32 Taiwan leading companies to launch “E.SUN ESG and sustainability initiative” to promote sustainability. The participating companies all committed to take positive environmental actions to reduce greenhouse gas emission and soothe impact to the environment.
 Wonderland DIY Kit Online Shop Now Open
Children enjoy Wonderland DIY Kit at home
 Aromate Wonderland was established in April 2017. Here we proudly introduce the production process and showcase our innovations. In the olfactory journey, visitors create their own fragrance and learn about art of perfume-making.

Since late May, Aromate Wonderland is temporarily closed, due to the local pandemic situation. Thus we launched the perfume DIY online stores, so children could enjoy experiential activities at home.
For more information, please visit Wonderland DIY Kit Online Shop.
 A Blessed Atmosphere
In Taiwan, the Hualien pomelo yield is 30% of nationwide production. The severe summer storms often cause immature fruit to fall off pomelo trees. The residents name the drop fruits in orchards “green carpet.” To turn the waste into gold, some local residents collect these pomelos and produce essential oil with peels.
Green Carpet & Pomelo essential oil
Fortuitously, Jane Huang, the founder of Aromate, sampled the scented oil and affirmed its superior quality. 
From 2018, Aromate started purchasing white pomelo from farmers in Hekang, Hualien County. With Aromate’s commercialization and production know-how, we create a unique pomelo fragrance - Blessed Atmosphere. The sweet and citrusy note adds to white pomelo baby soap and Aromate product lines.
In 2020, Aromate’s annual purchased reached 100 tons. In August of the same year, Aromate signed MoU with Hualian Branch of Soil and Water Conservation Bureau  and Agriculture and Food Agency to further the ESG Initiative. Through strong community and government relations, Aromate and its partners elevate awareness of environmental sustainability, propel pomelo sales and bring job opportunities to the neighborhood. We believe the green economy program could bring a bright future to Hualien. ????
 Revitalize Atolan
antibacterial spray made of eucalypt essence
Half a century ago, eucalypt plantations were established in Taitung, to supply raw material for the paper industry. The exotic species occupies 430 square feet of the Atolan tribe's realm. 

To encourage the youths to return to their hometown, the Taiwanese government authorized the tribe to co-manage its territory in 2018. Two years later, A'tolan Style, the brand platform of the community revitalization initiative, was formed.
To take full advantage of the fast-growing aromatics plant, A’tolan teamed up with the East Bio-economic Center of National Taitung University. A’toland Style was able to streamline the essential oil production process: collect eucalyptus leaves, extract the essential oil, and with which produce handmade soap and dish detergent. These products are made available in the local market and A’tolan Style online store

Aromate undertook A’tolan’s eucalypt and rolled out a new scent, Jungle Kiki, an uplifting blend of eucalypt, cedarwood and tea tree. Within a few sprays, the all-natural antibacterial formula purifies your home space with a crisp and clean aroma.
Aromate believes the expansion of the #ESG value chain will #revitalize the land and promote #sustainable environmental, social, and economic benefits in Taitung, while bringing a positive impact to the market and consumers. 
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