[Anti Bacterial] Organic Vent Freshener - BL0411A
[Anti Bacterial] Organic Vent Freshener - BL0411A
Product Description

Anti Bacterial Eco-Friendly Scent

■ 100% natural anti germ formula from Japan

■ Proven to eliminate 12 types of germs including mold and 4 viruses

■ Dual air cleaning to inhibit bacteria growth in car air space AND inhibit bacteria & mold in car air duct

■ Spill free fiber release system for strong fragrance output

■ Scent block is made from organic recycled wood fiber

■ Adjustable intensity control

■ Last 30+ days


Cherry/ Vanilla Sky / Wild Berry

12.5g / 0.44 oz

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Eco-Friendly Scent
Product Introduction

Anti Bacterial Anti Mold