Fruity & Sweet

Apple Fresh

The brisk and savory flavor of apple fulfills your senses.

Fresh Melon

Delicate and sweet melon flavor strengthened by a fresh blow.

Lemon Mint

Meet the brilliant blend of lemon and mint, it will charge your world with energy.

Peach Harvest

A flavor fills with a watery and juicy ripe peach...Mouth-watering!!

Pine Colada

Tropical and exotic scent, sweet fragrance blends with pineapple and coconut.


Savory strawberry fragrance reminds you the delicate and delightful scent.

Super Cherry

A seductive fruity fragrance with a strong and powerful Cherry flavor.

Sweet Orange

Sweet and juicy Orange flavor refreshes your sense with unforgettable odor.

Tropical Berry

Relax in a tropical paradise with a touch of a fruity and lush berry fragrance.

Wild Berry

Captivating wild berry fragrance bursts you with sweet and fresh.

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